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Cast: Raymond Andrew Bailey,B. Anthony Cohen,Liz Cunningham

Producer(s): Joe Sekiya

Director(s): Jamin Winans


Year: 2005

Rating: Not Rated

I was interested in seeing this after reading the box-art, a thriller with a twist that leaves you hanging on till the last scene.

A young and jaded news photojournalist, Aaron Dougherty, has just broken the biggest national news story of the year, the arrest of a key suspect of two child murders. Due to his recent accomplishments, Aaron's career is at an all-time high and his future at his news station looks bright. Suddenly his life is thrown into immediate chaos when he wakes in a field in the middle of nowhere and discovers he has been missing for the last 24 hours. Aaron quickly finds himself fighting for both his career and sanity as he attempts to piece together what happened. Due to his time lapse, Aaron realizes that it's quite possible the wrong man was rearrested for the murders and the media is seemingly manipulating the story to the public. But how and why is this tied to him waking up in a field?

Through an extraordinary journey, Aaron is forced to reexamine his life before understanding the mysterious events of the last 24 hours.

The story is both suspenseful and very well paced, Director Jamin Winans did a fantastic job making this film work and keeping the tension and intrigue levels very high. The film is about a lot of things, political conspiracy among other things. The story-line could be compared to Bill Murray's film "Groundhog Day" where he was forced to repeat the same day over until he makes everything right except 11:59 is played out in a more serious, provoking way. The cast of leads were terrific, Raymond Andrew Bailey did an excellent job as the cameraman, his character was believable and he really made you feel all of his emotions which was very important in this film. The story is one that needs to be seen as not to give too much away and ruin it for those that still have not seen it but I can say this is a must see Indy film. If there's any flaws I think the editing in some scenes could of been a little better but as the film moves along that gets better and the film itself draws the viewer in wanting to know what's going to happen next. Congrats to the cast and crew of this little known film and I look forward to seeing more from all involved in the future. Released by Tartan Video. **** Out Of *****