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Shanghai Kiss

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Cast: Ken Leung,Hayden Panettiere,Kelly Hu,Joel Moore

Producer(s): Kip Konwiser

Director(s): Kern Konwiser, David Ren


Year: 2007

Rating: Not Rated

Billed more as a romantic comedy if you were to even look at the box-art but this film is much more than that. This is a drama filled with many layers and character's that not never one dimensional. Liam is a struggling Chinese-American actor, who finds himself involved with a young girl knowing he can never be with her. One day he receives a call that a home in Shanghai has been left to him by his grandmother so he travels back to straighten things out and try and get in touch with his heritage.

This film works in so many ways, first off Ken Leung is fantastic, he plays the role as the troubled young perfectly and you never once doubt that he isn't his character, I have not seen a performance with this much death in a long time. Hayden Panettiere plays the young teenager that Liam befriends and like in everything she is in she simply lights up the screen with her smile and her acting her just is outstanding. The other stand-out in the film is Joel Moore as Liam's nerdy buddy, he really provides a lot of the more humorous moments in the film and is extremely funny.The film itself works cause it isn't just anothr one of those romantic comedies you see released each week in theaters, no this one is much smarter,funnier and thought provoking than any of those. . Liam is a young man with many issues including a troubled relationship with his father and a problem within himself trying to find his own way in life. The film deals with a lot of issues but in a funny way, it never once is "pushy" about getting it's message across because frankly it doesn't have to. The message gets out on it's own while managing to still be a funny and romantic comedy that is both moving and charming. Released by Starz Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****