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Welcome To Paradise

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Cast: Crystal Bernard, Brian Dennehy, Brad Stine

Producer(s): Patrick Stack

Director(s): Brent Huff


Year: 2007

Rating: PG

With the way thing's are in the world today a film that is family approved is always welcomed and this one is one of those movies. Director Brent Huff really delivers a movie that we can all relate to and think about long after it's over.

Preacher, Debbie Laramie and her son Hayden are sent from a big city church to the small town of Paradise but after arriving Debbie son finds out this is a town in desperate need of a new direction. There's many character's in this film we get to meet byt cutting back and forth between scenes but the director did a fantastic job weaving them all together and keeping not only the pace of the film but also it's message intact. The cast could not be better, Crystal Barnard did a terrific job and really got into the role effectively and Brian Dennehy has never been better. The story is about a woman victimized by church politics but it's also about much more than that including the homeless and trying to raise a teenager in today's world alone. Welcome to Paradise is a Christian film laced with fantastic performances and even better messages that we can all take away from this and learn from. I watched this film with my 13-year-old and even she was touched by what had happened in the film, that is rare today in any film. I cannot recommend this film enough, it is a must own DVD that the entire family can enjoy together. Paradise will make you laugh,cry and think about long after it's over. Released by First Look Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****