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Protecting The King

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Cast: Matt Barr, Mark Rolston, Brian Krause, Max Perlich, John Bennett Perry, Danielle Keaton, Dey Young, Tom Sizemore, Peter Dobson

Producer(s): Scott E. Vandiver, D. Edward Stanley

Director(s): D. Edward Stanley


Year: 2007

Rating: Not Rated

Sex, drugs and violence—they're all part of the job when you're protecting The King of Rock & Roll. And when you're only 16, the on-the-job training comes in ways that can't be taught in school. Prepare to be all shook up by the shocking true story of David Stanley, stepbrother and bodyguard of The King. Through the dizzying highs and lows of life on the road with unlimited excess, he experienced it all…and barely survived.

The director, D. Edward Stanley, was the stepbrother of Elvis Presley.There's been many film's made about Elvis but this one is about the youngest bodyguard in rock and roll history and brother-in-law David Stanley. The film is interesting to a degree but comes up a little short in several areas. At age 16 David became Elvis' bodyguard and was experiencing life like he had never known before, a life that he barely survived. The cast is very good including Matt Barr as David and Peter Dobson as Elvis but it's not the cast that's really the problem here, it seems they were too afraid to make a the film the way they really wanted to. An example is even the name Elvis is never used in the film and neither is several other main character's names which just comes off a bit odd and may be a major problem for the die-hard Elvis fans out there. Also strange as well is the fact the film contains no Elvis music which was a copyright issue I am sure. If your a devoted Elvis fan you will also see conflicting story-lines here compared to other accounts of the King's life, accounts I will not get into here as I already revealed too much about the film already. It seems from reading this so far that I did not like the film, but that is not entirely true. I did enjoy the movie for what it was and the acting is very good but as far as this being a film about Elvis it's not, his character is not even in the movie much. I would say this movie is for those that are devoted fan's and want to have a look at David's side of the story but some of you might get turned off by it's story of what happened on the road and in the life of someone living with the King. But over-all as someone not that picky and not the devoted fan I found it to be interesting at least and I for one was never bored so I would say at least it's worth a rental. The DVD comes with bonus features that include:

Director's Commentary and a Behind the Scenes Featurette

Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. ** 1/2 Out Of *****