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Species: The Awakening

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Cast: Helena Mattsson,Ben Cross,Dominic Keating,Marco Bacuzzi

Producer(s): Ittay Arad,Jennifer Nieves

Director(s): Nick Lyon


Year: 2007

Rating: Unrated

A scientist, Dr Holander, takes his niece Miranda to Mexico in an attempt to reverse the effects of the alien DNA he used to create her. However the treatment goes horribly wrong, and sets Miranda on a killing spree as she sets out to find a mate. The world's sexiest alien is back, yes Species 4 if you can believe it. The last one was pretty lame at best so I wasn't expecting a lot from this one either but I was surprised to find this to be the best since the first film. First off the cast here is very good including the always stellar Ben Cross and Dominic Keating. But the real surprise came with Helena Mattsson, she does a great job as a a young genius girl Miranda, who finds out that she is the product of experimental human and alien DNA blending. The cgi effects are very good considering the film's budget, filmed on a 4 million budget and shot in less than two months shows the determination of cast and crew to make a good film the right way. The one other thing that separates this from the rest is this film has scenes in which you get to feel for the characters, a rarity in any film and not expected in a DTV title like this. Credit goes out to Writer Ben Ripley and Director Nick Lyon for making one of the better low budget films in this genre in some time. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****