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Night Trap

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Cast: Robert Davi, Michael Ironside, Lesley-Anne Down, Lydie Denifr, Mike Starr, Lillian Lehman, Margaret Avery, John Amos

Producer(s): Jill Silverthorne

Director(s): David A. Prior


Year: 1993

Rating: R

New Orleans, Mardi Gras. Veteran cop Mike Turner is assigned to a baffling case: a recent string of murders is the work of a ruthless, indestructible demon who's sold his soul to the devil. With each crime scene more gruesome than the last and each victim closer to him, Mike races to stop the sadistic killer's murder spree before he's forced to choose who to save--and who to leave for dead. Another older film making it's way to DVD this week, release in 1993, Night Trap may have it's flaws but still manages to be entertaining due to its story and it's cast. Robert Davi who can be seen in the new Jesse Johnson film "The Butcher" gives a good performance as the copy hot on the trail of the killer. Also who better to play a bad guy than Michael Ironside, he was born for it. The supporting cast does a great job as well, most all the character's had life to em and were believable. As far the the film's down fall's go I would say it's a bit slow in spots, some better editing could have made this a much better film. Over-all I am sure you could find something better to watch but that doesn't mean this isn't worth a rental for those either looking for something different to watch or fan's of the cast. The movie kept me entertained so it's got to get points for that. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. *** Out Of *****