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Mockumentary NR. Jeff Goldblum stars in Pittsburgh, a fly-on-the-wall comedy in which the Jurassic Park and Independence Day actor plays himself taking a career hit by playing Harold Hill in a regional theatre production of The Music Man. Despite the pleas of his agent to take a plum part in a new Michael Bay sci-fi epic, Goldblum locks himself into a two-week stint in his hometown of Pittsburgh in order to help his fiancée, actress Catherine Wreford (also playing herself)--cast in the musical as Hill's love interest, Marian--get a green card. I really wanted to see this film as I am always from Pittsburgh and I have always enjoyed Jeff's work on screen. But don't let the Pittsburgh thing change your mind about seeing this as location is really not that important here. On the silver screen Jeff to me has for the most part played that laid back, subtle character and after awhile you get they idea that's the way he is in real life but here we get to see a different side of him that see never seen before. As stated above he decides to do this local musical as a way of getting his fiancée her green card, not this doesn't go over well with his manager who has just about landed him in a role that will pay him some very good money but Jeff is determined to stick this out to the end. I would say stage is not his best talent but he really pours his heart into becoming the Music Man when everyone around him is trying their best to talk him out of it. Thee film has some very funny scenes, most of the laughs come when Jeff and actress Illeana Douglas and her then boyfriend Moby are together, this guy is just strange and Jeff does his bet to like the guy but you can tell it just isn't happening. I found this to be very entertaining and funny, the kind of film that puts a lasting smile on your face so I can highly recommend this to all. Released by Starz Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****