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The Ferryman

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Horror Rated R. The story of a group of twenty-something's who charter a boat to Fiji for the trip of a lifetime, before stumbling upon an evil that demands vengeance at any cost. After seeing so many horror films one begins to think "not another one" but The Ferryman isn't just another one. For starters the cast is excellent including the one great actor it has, John Rhys-Davies who is always good in anything he is in. The rest of the cast is very good and make their character's believable. The whole "knife" plot and the execution of it is very refreshing and original which breaths some new life into the horror genre. The film has great suspense, providing a think layer of dread on itself making the viewing hang at the edge of their seats. The ferryman is a solid film in the horror genre that is in desperate need of more film's like this one that offers up something original with great direction and suspense. I highly recommend it to any fan of the genre. Released by First Look Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****