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Knuckle Sandwich

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Comedy/Drama NR. After leaving his small town Southern roots, Carter Simms heads for the big city of Los Angeles to make it in the corporate world. On the outside looking in, he apparently has it all: money, a beautiful uptown girlfriend, a great career, a luxurious car, and a penthouse. When Carter suddenly loses his job and his girlfriend in the same hour one morning - he makes a decision to head back home where..You have your no-brainer comedies like "American Pie" and then every once in a long while you stumble over a comedy that is different, Different in a good way, a smart comedy with clever dialogue that you can tell had to be a fun film to be involved with. Knuckle Sandwich is one of those film's that is sure to gain a cult following. Director Ryan Miningham did a terrific job mixing the off-the-wall comedy with some physical comedy and blending them into a film that really entertains. I can tell you now hunt this movie down and buy it today, yes its that good. The cast as well is fantastic, you have the beautiful Brook Burke, Morgan Fairchild and John O'Hurley as well as an amazing supporting cast. Own this DVD today. Released by Westlake Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****