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Curse Of Alcatraz

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Horror Rated R. Accompanied by his students and a forensics expert, a professor heads to Alcatraz -- one of the world's most notorious prisons -- to study a mummified corpse. But their work unwittingly awakens a deadly curse that infects them one by one. Billed as the last movie ever filmed on the rock, Curse is one of those Independent horror film's that had a lot of potential but lacked some what in the direction department. Director Daniel Zirilli who also co-wrote the film does do some things right here, better than his previous efforts at least but one of the film's main problems is the pacing, this is a very slow film just spells disaster when it comes to the horror genre, things just take too damn long to get going. The cast of unknowns I felt did a fantastic job considering what they had to work with so that part of the movie was pretty good. Also the atmosphere that Alcatraz creates here is pretty creepy as well and is a big part of why this film was not a total failure. Another problem is the killings themselves are lame to say the least, if your going to take 30 minutes or more to get the party started you better have some good things to show. This is not the worse horror film I have seen and I salute any Independent work but what you have here is a director that needs to learn a bit more about the horror genre as I thought this being where it was filmed was a missed opportunity at a cult classic if done the right way. Still over-all worth a rent if your looking for something different to watch away from all the mainstream movies coming out. Released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment. ** 1/2 Out Of *****