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Alone in The Dark: Director's Cut

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Action/Horror/Thriller Unrated. Investigating a supernatural force, Edward Carnby finds himself on the toughest case of his career. With an archaeologist helping him to trace his findings back through time for centuries, the mystery only gets more complicated the further they delve into it. Based off the popular video games Alone got horrific reviews when it opened in theater's but over-all I have seen a lot. The film's biggest flaws were in the script and direction which is ashame cause after seeing this I feel there was a lot of potential in the movie it just wasn't pulled off right. The acting for the most part was decent, no one actor really stood out. Christian Slater who I happen to like just wasn't intense enough in his role as Edward Carnby but the worse mis-cast had to be Tara Reid as Aline Cedrac, she may be nice to look at but in this role she just did not belong. The best part of the film were the cgi effects which were nicely done and some of the creatures were very cool. The film is a no-brainer so let's not look at it as if it's a life changing movie, I found it to be at least entertaining and was never bored as it does half a half decent pace and lot's of action. I can't say weather it's a must own dvd as that depends on the person but at least rent this Director's Cut and decide for yourself. Released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment. ** 1/2 Out Of *****