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Bad Blood

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Comedy/Drama/Romance Rated R. Schoolteacher Letty Mayer's (Reiko Aylesworth) life may look perfect, but facing pressure from all sides, her anxiety is building until one day, she cracks and ends up institutionalized. But it's in the hospital that her life may truly begin. In short order, she falls for a fellow patient (Bruno Campos), and the two pursue a romance. Now, the question is, will the relationship survive in the real world? Crazylove takes a popular genre that has been done over and over and adds a twist to make for a original and refreshing film. Reiko Aylesworth shines her as Letty, a woman that seems to have everything from the outside but as we get to know more about her we see her life isn't as perfect as it looks. Bruno Campos is also excellent here, he's charming and funny and just an all around great guy with some problems of his own. The film is cute and funny but it also deals with mental illness on a some what serious level too which is important if your going to make such a film even if it is a comedy. Don't get me wrong this is a light-hearted film and if your looking for something that deals with mental illness on a more serious level your going to have to look elsewhere as this in the end is just a fun film to put a smile on your face with. If you never seen the hit television series "24" then you have missed seeing Reiko Aylesworth, she really if perfect in this film and is it's driving force. Yes, it's a little different than your normal film in this genre but that is what makes it so good. I recommend this to any fan of comedy or just looking for something light to watch as Crazylove is just a good movie to past the time with. Released by MTI Home Video. **** Out Of *****