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Beyond The Gates

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Drama/History Rated R. Based on a true story. An exhausted Catholic priest (Hurt) and a young idealistic English teacher (Dancy) finds themselves caught in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. They must now choose whether to stay with the thousands of Tutsis about to be massacred or to flee for safety. Beyond The Gates aka Shooting Dogs is yet another telling of the tragic Rwandan genocide and this is not an easy subject to view for many. I have to say I enjoyed this film more than the other film based o the events "Hotel Rwanda" because this film seemed to be somewhat more realistic in it's approach to the story and not so sugar coated. Sure this film has it's light more humorous moments but it is a help when watching a film so depressing. The film's cast, William Hurt and Hugh Dancy are both fantastic as the two men the story focuses on. A human drama that goes straight for the heart and never lets up till the final frame. If there's one film that will leave an impact on you long after you see it this is the one. I highly recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys the genre or movies based on true stories, a moving and heartfelt story with an exceptional cast and brilliant directing make this a must see film. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****