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Stories of The Great American Puppets

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Documentary NR. This fascinating look back at 300 years of puppetry in American, The 58-minute documentary includes interviews and profiles of some of the most beloved puppeteers including Shari Lewis, Paul Winchell and Edgar Bergen. Expanded extras feature rare footage of Tony Sarg's Marionette Shows, Rootie Kazootie and Thomas Edison's "Dancing Chinamen." When you are making such a film about a subject that has been around for a long time it's hard to fit everything into a 58 time frame. But Mark Mazzarella and is company have made a documentary that gives us a fascinating and engaging look back at where it all began. Dan Lauria(The Wonder Years)narrates and brings along clips,drawings and interviews from the colonial times to the present day. Today we have the likes of Jeff Dunham and his zany cast of puppets to entertain us but had it not been for the likes of including Shari Lewis, Paul Winchell and Edgar Bergen to name a few we might not have the entertainment we have today from the puppeteers. The DVD comes with some nice bonus features including clips from the past of some of the beloved puppeteers of our time. What they lack in time spent on this DVD they more than make up for in quality material and make this a must for the entire family to own and enjoy for years to come. Released by Mazzarella Media. ***** Out Of *****