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El Mago

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Drama NR. A young man returns to different people and places in his life, to repay favors once done and change the lives of those surrounding him, forever. A film about about a street magician named Tadeo, who finds out that has a terminal disease which lead him to death in a few months. It's because of this, that Tadeo wants to leave this life in peace, without burdens and debts,that he starts a journey to ask for the forgiveness of his ex wife and the son of his dead best friend. This is an original and heart-felt story that deals with real-life characters we can all relate to and care about. Director Jaime Aparicio who co-wrote the film as well did an excellent job bringing all the characters together with the beautiful Mexican landscapes. If your looking for a no-brainer action flick look elsewhere but if you want a powerful drama that reaches out and touches it's audience then look no further cause El Mago is the film for you. This Spanish Language film comes with optional English and Spanish subtitles and Trailers. Released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****