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Pirates of Ghost Island

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Horror Rated R. After enjoying a graduation party amid a cruise, an unexpected storm strikes, stranding a group of young friends on an uninhabited island (or so they thought.) Before they know it, they are thrown in a whirl-wind battle with the PIRATES OF GHOST ISLAND, whom have taken over the island for the last 200 years. Who survives? When it comes to low-budget Pirate movies one that comes to mind is Jolly Roger: Massacre at Cutter’s Cove which I in some odd way enjoyed watching as it never tried to take itself serious and by having fun with it it made the viewer enjoy the film also. So what Jolly did "Pirates of Ghost Island" fails at. There's really here to talk about unless I want to beat beating this film up all the way down the page. The cast is weak, the cgi effects are pretty horrible and the story line, well there really isn't one to speak of. I always try to find something good in every film as not all can have a huge Hollywood budget but this one just seems to be bottom of the barrel in every respect. I can not recommend this film so rent it at your own risk. Released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment. * Out Of *****