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Demons From Her Past

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Thriller NR. At age eighteen, Allison (Alexandra Paul) was tried and convicted for a crime she didn't commit. Twenty-five years later, she returns to her hometown to uncover the truth. But as she gets closer to exposing those who framed her, she must decide if pursuing the truth is worth putting her life in danger. This made-for-tv movie is not a horror film like the box-art might suggest but instead it is a suspense thriller like so many others that have aired on The Lifetime Channel. So we must review it as such and not as if it was a theater production. So with that being said the story id pretty straight forward and you know where it's taking you but it does have have decent suspense and twists along the way to keep you interested. The cast is pretty solid including Alexandra Paul who seems to keep herself busy with television movies since her Baywatch days and she does a good job here in her role as Allison, a woman that returns to her home town looking to set the record straight on what happened years previous. Don't expect alot from this film and you will most likely enjoy it. Released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment. ** 1/2 Out Of *****