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The Victim

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Horror/Mystery/Thriller NR. Ting, an actress for murder illustration is hired to simulate a real-life murder case of Min, a former Miss Thailand who was brutally killed. Afterwards, Ting can feel a strange supernatural connection to Min. Soon, she decides to try and solve the mystery of Min's murder. The settings and the location of this film were real and the events reenacted in this movie of the death scenes are based on the local true happenings and not on legends. That being said this is a clever and original horror film in a genre that seems to wearing out, that is until you see the next film that comes out. The Victim has the same similar ghost haunting story that most Asian films have but inserted into is is a smart mystery,detective story that takes you in one direction and just when you think you got it all solved you hit a wall and it shifts into another direction. The twists and turns are what makes this film special, well-written and directed, the movie grabs hold of you never lets you take your eyes off it till the final scene. Thailand has come a long way in film-making the last few years, mainly in their horror genre which has proven to be able to stand up to any country as far as the genre goes. Similar to a few films like "The Eye" but yet this film is original and fresh enough to provide it's own brand of chills. Released by Tartan Video **** Out Of *****