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Triad Election

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Crime/Drama/Thriller NR. As election time nears, current Triad chairman Lok (Yam) faces competition from his godsons. At the same time, Jimmy (Koo) looks to increase his business relations with mainland China. Two things Asian cinema has that no other country can ever claim, one is the best horror movies in the world and second They have Johnny To, not only the best director in Asian cinema but one of the best in the world as far as I am concerned. So here is Triad Election or Election 2 but don't be alarmed if you never seen the first film as this only stands out on it's own and you know right from the opening frames whats going on. Most of the original cast is back as well was the writers but this film I found to be better than the first one as it packs more of a punch in the action department. It's not really fair to compare to the other film but both have their good qualities and are very engaging. This film shows what really goes on in the corruption of politics and there are some violent and gory scenes here but Director Johnny To never lets it get too out of hand. I have never seen a To film I didn't like and this is no exception, if you like films in the genre like the "Godfather" then be sure to pick this title up today as it's an instant classic. The DVD comes with Bonus Features that include:

A Making Of

Interviews with Lam Suet and Lam Ka Tung

Released by Tartan Video. ***** Out Of *****