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The Haunting of #24

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Horror Rated R. It seemed like the kind of house where no one asked you any questions. It was old and rambling, in need of a little renovation, certainly. But quiet. Somewhere to begin again. But from the moment he moved in, it didnít feel right to John. Heíd been through a lot recently. And there were those that said there had always been something a little strange about him. Itís true, heíd always suffered from nightmares... but these were different. Besides, those noises outside his door were definitely real. Or seemed to be. The mad old woman next door had told him to leave, but he hadnít listened. Now it might be too late. The dreams were getting worse, and the doors didnít seem to lead where they should anymore. His new home had a hold on him now, and the other tenants were ready to introduce themselves. Welcome to the house. 24 was made on a very limited budget but you will find it hard to believe once you see it's fantastic production values. The cast including Robert Blythe as the young man renting the place and having his life changed forever. Also Susan Engel and Stuart Laing are wonderful bringing great depth to their supporting roles. If your a fan of mainstream horror, the kind with naked women and lots of blood I think you might want to avoid this as 24 is a film that builds slowly, little by little drawing the viewer in with it's tension and suspense. A thinking man's thriller that not only chills you but demands you pay attention to every detail, each character is well thought out and their all ones you care about. I praise the cast and Writer/Director Sean Hogan for making an original horror film that captivates it's audience. I highly recommend this to any fan of cinema. Released by MTI Home Video ***** Out Of *****