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Rush to War

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Documentary NR. In today's post-9/11 world, director Robert Taicher searches for the rationale behind the war in Iraq, exploring the failed policies of several administrations in an expertly crafted full-length documentary. What he presents is a raw, provocative look into America's "War on Terror" and its effect on our society, our credibility, and most importantly, our security. As America fights the wrong war at the wrong time, comes a riveting eye-opener. The right film at the right time. By now most people are most likely sick and tired of hearing about the war in Iraq and just want to see our young men and women come home which I believe is the right thing at this point as well. But Robert Taicher's "Rush to War" will give those that have not followed what led up to the war or this country's history of trying to overthrow governments in other countries may find this film pretty eye-opening. Watching something like this gives you the sense that there's been a lot going on inside our government for a very long time we know nothing about, decisions made for all the wrong reasons. Is this a war we can win? That's one of the questions asked and the answer really depends on what is meant by the question. Winning this war I feel is not possible but this Documentary will help those who are not sure some how come up with their own answer to that question. This is a well thought out and researched film that deals with a lot of issues inside our government and anyone that finds this type of movie interest will want to pick it up and see for themselves. I recommend this film to any fan of the genre. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****