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Secret of The Cave

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Family/Adventure Rated PG. A young American boy spends his summer in Ireland and solves the mystery that captivates the entire village. Driven by curiosity and his own search for meaning in life, he faces his fears and discovers the Secret of the Cave. There's a lot to like about this little film, for starters it's original and it captivates it's audience well also sending a message out and a very good one at that. I refuse to get too deep into the story here as this film is a must see for the entire family and I will not ruin it for you here. The including Patrick Bergin who I have always liked and is very good here as the dad of young Roy who is in Ireland spending his vacation there and some quality time with his father. Also Kevin Novotny is excellent as Roy, the young boy that decides to prove the villagers wrong with their stories of ghosts in the small village. The Cinematography here is breath-taking and the direction and script are solid which makes for one of the better family films to come out in some time. This film is for the whole family to enjoy together which is rare today but it is also for anyone that loves cinema, this is one film the will grab hold of you and not let go even long after you have seen it. Released by First Look Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****