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Green Sails

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Drama/Thriller NR. When ambitious CCT exec Will Patterson (Marcus Graham, Mulholland Dr.) uncovers a corporate conspiracy, his life spirals out of control. With an unlikely ally and beautiful crusader (Alexandra Paul, TV's Baywatch) to guide him through his struggle, he travels to the jungles of Indonesia where a tribe—wrongly forced off their land by CCT—and the corporation clash. No matter which side Will chooses—with so many lives on the line, his decision is destined to be a deadly one. This is a pretty straight forward Drama/Thriller with some excellent acting and a decent story-line that also has some good action scenes in it as well. I cast is very good including "Baywatch" star Alexandra Paul as the allie to the cause with a secret she is hiding and Marcus Graham as Will a big shot at CCT that finds the company is not being very nice in their practices and decides to do the right thing about it. Over-all I found this to be entertaining enough with some beautiful locations and the set and custome designs were well done as well. If your looking for a film with some action and adventure this is a pretty good one to pick up for the evening. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. *** Out Of *****