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Action/Thriller Rated R. When an ordinary drama teacher, John Phillips, is abducted from a street corner, he finds himself caught up in a case of mistaken identity. Believed to be a notorious hit man—who also happens to be six feet under—John eventually finds himself on the right side of a CIA investigation but on the wrong side of a political conspiracy. Tangled in a web of danger and intrigue, John must uncover who is after him and why…or pay the ultimate price. This 1992 film film starring Tony Curtis,Robert Davi and Charlene Tilton is a solid action/thriller for it's time. There's plenty of suspense and action and the acting is very good for the most part. Suer there's some weak spots and a few times you will scratch your head at a few twists that really don't make sense but over-all this has a very solid story-line and a cast that brings a lot to the table. It is great to see some of these older films making their way to DVD and thanks to Echo Bridge for leading the way in doing so. I recommend you pick this title up as it's a very enjoyable and well paced film. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****