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Kickin' It Old Skool

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Comedy Rated PG-13. Awakening after 20 years in a coma that resulted from a break-dancing accident, Justin Schumacher (Jamie Kennedy) quickly learns that a lot has changed in the world. When he discovers that his parents have enormous medical bills, Justin tries to save the day by entering himself and his friends in a dance competition, but standing in the way is a longtime foe -- who's engaged to Justin's dream girl. Watching this film is not going to change your life, hell it's not even going to win any awards but taken for what it is it's pretty darn entertaining. This is Classic Jamie Kennedy, he is one of main reasons this film works when most of the time it just would not even be funny. Jamie awaking after being in a coma and still living in the 80's is hilarious, for those that lived through that time will really be taken back to some of the good old days. The supporting cast of mostly unknowns do a fine job and the soundtrack is..well lets say fun. This is one of those movies you have to be in the mood for but if your looking for a comedy then pick this title up today, you will have as much fun as I did watching it. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****