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Action/Thriller Rated R. The true story of a suburban teenager whose one mistake leads to a life changing punishment. Peter Madigan, a 15-year-old from the suburbs causes a commuter train to derail killing the engineer. In a controversial decision, Peter becomes the first juvenile in New Jersey state history to be sentenced to serve time in a maximum security adult prison. While in prison becomes interdependent with correction officer Clark (Ice-T). The ultimate story of survival and redemption. I like many others enjoy a film that is based on true events and this was one I was looking forward to seeing. Some might think, not another teen goes to prison film,well yes but this one stands on it's own with an interesting story that keeps you guessing and a pretty solid cast. Chris Gunn is very good as the troubled teen sent to a place he is not prepared for and Ice-T puts in another fine performance as the correction officer that becomes friends with young Peter. You can say there's many better movies in this genre and you would be right but it's not fair to judge a film against another. I take each film for what they are and this one I found to be well paced with some good action and tension and the most important thing here is you come out of this learning a important lesson...that we are all responsible for our own actions. If you like this sorta film I highly recommend it. Released by First Look Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****