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The Ultimate Gift

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Drama Rated PG. Red Stevens (James Garner) is a crusty, old billionaire who dies suddenly in an air crash. But, Red has planned for his death carefully. He has videotaped an elaborate will. His spoiled and unappealing adult children receive enough to be set for life, but the status of the bulk of the estate remains a mystery. For his grandchild, Jason (Drew Fuller) , Red has special and unknown plans. Jason, by the way, is the ultimate rich-kid, lazy, shallow brat. Through Red's lawyer, Jason is given a number of elaborate, time-consuming tasks and challenges that Red calls "gifts." There are many of these "gifts." I was really looking forward to seeing this film as I have a soft spot for today's older actors, it seems too few get any major roles anymore. So with James Garner it this one I was happy to get it a chance and let me tell you I was glad to have seen this movie. Let's start with the cast, a what a great one it is, we already stated that James Garner was in it but there's also Drew Fuller,Ali Hillis,Abigail Breslin,Brian Dennehy and many more that really add something special to this movie. I am not going to get into details on the plot because this film needs to be seen and not told about, all I will say is each "gift" the young man is given is a powerful and moving gift that makes him a better man as he moves along in the film. So what can I say this film is? Well it's funny and sad, it's moving and it gives some positive messages that we can all take away from it. This is a film you will run to tell family and friends about, yes this is a must own DVD. One you will enjoy for years to come. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****