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The Far Side of Jericho

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Western Rated N/A. Jericho. In the 1880's. Three women of the wild West, widows of an outlawed gang of brothers recently hanged, find themselves running for their lives from a corrupt posse of vigilantes, mystical Indians and a hornet's nest of villains - all are convinced that our mismatched widows hold the key to the whereabouts of their husbands' missing bank loot and a mysterious treasure. Along the way, the women must find the courage to trust, care and kill for one another, blazing the trail to their destiny. A destiny buried on The Far Side of Jericho. This western certainly doesn't rank up their with the classics but it is still a fun movie with beautiful locales and some good action. The cast is above average to average and the one of the one's above is Patrick Bergin who dose a fine job in his role. The ladies are see, to fit their roles well enough but in a few scenes they seem to struggle with the work that is at hand but that is minor details to the over-all film. They pace is well done, Director Tim Hunter did a fine job keeping the film moving and the interest of the viewer. I have seen a few good westerns lately and this is another one I have to recommend to any fan, it's simply a fun film. Released by First Look Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****