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The Black Widow

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Drama/Thriller Rated PG-13. After receiving word of her lover Karl’s death, the mysterious Eleanora travels to his unique home in an attempt to discover who he really was. Once there she becomes romantically involved with the house’s darkly eccentric caretaker Leslie. While searching for remnants of Karl’s life she realizes that, like Karl, Leslie has some secrets of his own he is not sharing. I seen a lot of bad reviews for this before settling in to watch it so I was prepared for the worst but what I found was a film with an original style all it's own that is really hard to describe here. I would say it's not for everyone but for those that enjoy something different and away from mainstream cinema then this is a movie you need to check out. Th cast is excellent, Willem DaFoe and Giada Colagrande have great chemistry here as they should for being a couple off the screen as well. The film is slow moving and plays with many different emotions including sad, funny and a little scary as well in spots. I have to say I enjoyed the film for what it is and think if you approach it the same way you too might walk away from it happy that you seen this unique film. Released by First Look Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****