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Movin' Too Fast

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Action/Thriller Rated R. While traveling across the country two young women are being terrorized by a psychotic Highway Patrolman. A bloody trail relentlessly follows them across the southwest and the only way for them to survive is to become what's hunting them. Seeing Movin' Too Fast aka "Lost in Plainview" will make you think this is a rip-off of "Duel", maybe it is or maybe it's a kinda homage to the same genre, either way this movie brings a lot to the table on it's own. First is the cast, The two female leads played by Layla Alexander and Marquita Terry are excellent as the woman that doesn't seems not to be able to handle trouble and the other as the girl you don't wanna mess with. Both women also show great chemistry together and handled the tough action scenes very well. Now to the story, from the film's opening scenes you get a good idea of what's to come in it's early flashbacks but the ride getting there is even more fun to watch. The suspense beings almost right away and doesn't let up till the final scene, jam packed with action and tension that keeps you glued to your seat. I didn't expect much from this movie but man was a surprised at the quality, from the soundtrack to the cinematography this film was made with a lot of heart. Credit goes out to Director/Writer whose only other directing job was the "Last Detour" in 1994. He seems to have a great eye for making film's in this genre and I hope to see more of him in the future. If you want to see a action packed film filled with suspense and high on tension pick this movie up today, you will not be disappointed. Released by MTI Video. ***** Out Of *****