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Elvis: The Miniseries

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Biography/Drama/Music NR. A chronicle of the life of Elvis Presley (Rhys Meyers), from his humble beginnings to his rise to international stardom. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was fantastic as Elvis, I have not seen any actor portray this well since Kurt Russell in the TV movie from the 70's. But Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is not the only reason to see this film, the rest of the cast is just as impressive including Camryn Manheim as Mama Presley and Randy Quaid as The Colonel and the rest of the supporting cast was great as well. This is the only Elvis Biopic that got permission to use the original recordings and man it also pays off big. What more can I say here, this miniseries does a great job in showing us just how great this superstar was. Own this today, the box-art also comes with a black velvet cover which is a very nice touch. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****