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Acts Of Death

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Horror Rated R. A group of college theater students sneak into the Baxter University theater at night to initiate the 'frosh meat'. Something goes terribly wrong. The next night the same actors become locked into the theater, each one of them has to face the consequences for their actions. Well here's another slasher film where a bunch of students get killed over revenge from a prank gone wrong years before. Sure it's typical and unoriginal but hey did you really expect anything different? Hell by looking at the box-art you already know the how the film will go so your prepared and if so you will be at least entertained for an hour and a half. The film starts off pretty slow, too slow I thought to even get to the main killing that leads to the revenge plot but after that it picks up and keeps a good pace with a decent amount of gore tossed in. The acting was average but they are did a good enough job considering the script at hand. You can tell by watching this that Director Jeff Burton did a good job with the budget he had and that he really poured his heart into making this film. Over-all nothing ground breaking here but fan's of the genre should find it enjoyable. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. *** Out Of *****