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Drunken Monkey

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Martial Arts Rated R. When Wen Biao learns his brother has been engaging in illegal activities and using their security company as a front, a brutal confrontation between the two men ensues. Though he's left for dead by his brother, Wen Biao's not done fighting yet. After recovering from the encounter, he faces off with his sibling for an epic showdown. This 2002 Film was the Shaw Brothers return to the genre and it proved to be a pretty good one. The story keeps with the traditional kung fu themes and the action scenes are amazing to watch. There's a nice mix of action with some light humor like a lot of film's in this genre but they are blended well together here to make for a very entertaining film. It's amazing to see Lau Kar-Leung after 40 years in the business still able to hold his own in the intense fight scenes and Jacky Wu is awesome in this and since making this he has begun to make a bigger name for himself in such film's as "SPL" and "Fatal Contact", a rising star to keep an eye on. I recommend this film to any fan of kung fu or action films in general and this one is a real crowd pleaser. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****