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The Derailers: Under The Influence of Buck

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Country Music. The Derailers have gone few some changes in the past few years both in band and in style but fan's that grew to love their honky tonk style will rejoice with this new cd. Most people might know Buck Owens from the hit tv show Hee Haw that he was a part of for almost 20 years but some may not know that he sang and wrote some of the greatest country music songs in history. The Derailers looked up to Buck as as a hero and also their inspiration and this cd showcases their love for this great man. There's some of Buck's big hits here including "Tiger by The Tail","Foolin' Around" and "Love's gonna live here" as well as some lesser know songs such as "Who's gonna mow you grass" which really is what makes this cd so good. I can't think of a bad song on this cd, if there's one complain I have it's that some of Buck's other big hits were left off the cd but here's hoping they can do a sequel to this great cd in the future. There's been many tribute cd's made for many performers but none have captured the magic of the originals like this has. I look forward to The Derailers next project and hope they can continue to stay on this honky tonk track as it's where they excel the most. Released by Palo Duro Records. ***** Out Of *****