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Star Knight

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Romance/Adventure/Fantasy Rated PG-13. When a dazzling craft illuminates the sky above a medieval European village, the townspeople fear mayhem while the ruling party prepares for battle with the mysterious "dragon in the sky." After Princess Alba is discovered missing, the quest for power and the young girl's affections drive Klever (Harvey Keitel; Be Cool, Reservoir Dogs) to free her from the strange cosmic knight. But is that her desire? Worldly boundaries are crossed in this gothic sci-fi tale of power, greed and the universal language of love. Here's a movie I can see being taken for something it's not, like a great film but it is a pretty good one if you see if for what it is, a comedy,spoof of sorts with some great characters and very original ideas. Also for a film made in 1985 it has a few very impressive special effect and as I side note I really enjoyed the idea that the villager thought the spaceship was a dragon. Harvey Keitel is great in every scene he is in and the rest of the cast is just as impressive. This movie is a lot of fun if you allow it to be, just don't take it serious as the film doesn't even take itself serious which is why it is so entertaining. If your looking for something totally different and what seems still original today give this film a try I think you just might enjoy it. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****