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Mustang Sally's Horror House

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Horror/Action Rated R. Be careful what you wish for. Six college guys think they are going to a whore house and end up in a Horror house. The story unfolds as 6 friends are in a diner talking about their pathetic lives when they over hear a few men across from them talking about the great time they had at Mustang Sally's place. So without much thought they are decide to go have a good time as well but what they don't do is something happened in the past that they all might very well pay for. Before anyone rents this and starts complaining about stuff like bad acting and such let me tell you now, The acting is very good here, this is a campy horror flick that is meant to be several things two of which are funny and sexy and it delivers on all ends. Lets not leave out the horror, as the film does deliver on that as well and the sex scenes are in the film as an important part of the story not just there for no reason. Writer/Director Iren Koster did a great job weaving all the elements of the story together and building the suspense and surprise ending as well without you really seeing it coming. This film has something for everyone, yes ladies it has sexy men as well as sexy women and all the pieces together make for a very entertaining movie and one worth owning. Released by MTI Home Video. **** Out Of *****