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Into The Fire

Drama Rated R. Into the Fire follows the story of Walter Hartwig, a lieutenant in the New York City Harbor Unit, who finally comes to terms with what is really important about this life. Still blaming himself for the deaths of his sister and mother decades ago, lieutenant Walter Harwig (Flanery) of the NYC harbor unit, is encased in a life of sadness. While on duty investigating a plane crash, Harwig breaks down after discovering a dead body of a woman, and as a result is dismissed from duty. Now having lost the only thing with meaning in his life and being consumed by deep, abiding depression, Harwig will by fate meet two other individuals whose lives are also rooted with misfortune. Together they will learn that the true meaning of life lies not in tragedy but in celebration. This was a great film, one I was very impressed with both in story and in direction and cast. The cast including Sean Patrick Flanery,Melina Kanakaredes and JoBeth Williams all gave powerful and realistic performances. Enough has been said about the film itself above and I think this is one of those that needs to be seen to really understand just how good it is. This is one of those gems that seems to take forever making it's way to video but I am glad to say you can now own this today on DVD. Released by MTI Home Video. ***** Out Of *****