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Gettin' It

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Comedy NR. Silver (Patrick Censoplano) is a clumsy teenage virgin with raging hormones until a misunderstanding about a box of XXL condoms leads to a little rumor about his supposed giant size. Before long, this former loser is massively popular with kinky strippers, horny housewives and a town full of beautiful women who’ll bare everything for their chance at Silver’s extra something. Can a small-time guy with a suddenly huge sex life now learn the difference between true love and larger-than-life lust? Playboy vixen and notorious ex-baseball wife Jessica Canseco co-stars with Cheryl Dent, Sandra Staggs, Trish Coren and Tara Rice in this coming-of-age comedy about losin’ it, findin’ it, and most of all, GETTIN’ IT! I'm sure all teenagers would like to be Silver...a young man who is unlucky in love but with one one rumor he is all of a sudden very popular with the ladies in town. The script is thin but the cast really make the best of what they got including Patrick Censoplano as Silver, Sandra Staggs as his mom who is sure how to handle her son's sudden fame, Salvatore Crivelo as Silver's wannabe actor dad is very funny and Sajen Corona who plays his best friend just trying to help his buddy finally score. Also don't forget The sexy Jessica Canseco, former wife of baseball's Jose Canceso and playboy vixen. If your looking for a meaningful comedy romance you better skip this one but if you liked film's like American Pie and 40 Year old Virgin then you are going to love Gettin'It. Own this hilarious comedy today. Released by Anchor Bay Home Entertainment. Starz Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****