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Universal Soldiers

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Sci-Fi/Action NR. A government program to create genetically modified super soldiers goes awry when the unstable and unstoppable lab subjects escape from their maximum security holding cells. I grew to love The Asylum titles for their blood and guts films that took horror to the level fan's really want but as of late they have moved into other genres with a lot less gore.Universal Soldiers is the latest film that again dose not go to the extreme as far as gore goes but this film I think is their most entertaining movie in awhile. The Asylum actor Griff Furst did and job in his first directing job, He seemed to have handled the actors as well as location very well and has made a very entertaining film. The action scenes are well done and the killings tho kinda hidden are done very well. The effects this time around are very good, I suppose cause it was a lot less effects to create and the budget allowed to make them look a lot better but either way I think they were very impressive. The film never lets up right from the start to the highly entertaining ending, I hope they do a sequel to this one real soon as this was a entertaining movie. Great job Mr. Furst, I hope to see him behind the camera more often. Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****