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Action/Thriller Rated R. When a Russian cyborg with telekinetic powers terrorizes a city, an elite government agency intervenes. Col. Vaughn convinces "regular guy" chemist, Warren Hart, to team up with a beautiful blonde agent to capture the menace. But Warren finds the true villain isn't who he expected. Forces of good and evil go head to head in this paranormal story of corruption and redemption...with the world's future hanging in the balance. Christopher Plummer and Chris Lemmon(Yes Jack's son) and Martin Landau star in this action thriller about a cyborg that is on the loose and is destroying everything in site. You can't go wrong with a cast like this in any film and in this one the actors bring it all to the table, from action to suspense and even some humor tossed in along the way. There's plenty of action as well as explosions and the pace is brisk so you are always entertained. The film was released in 1991 but is now making it's U.S. debut to DVD, this is an enjoyable film if your looking for something different to see other then the same old mainstream titles. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. *** Out Of *****