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Afghan Knights

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Adventure/Horror Rated R. When ex-Navy SEAL Pepper (Steve Bacic) and his special task force coordinate a rescue mission to save a fallen comrade, they inexplicably find themselves lost in time and staring across enemy lines at Genghis Khan and Mongolian warriors. All these men recruited for this job have a lot in common, one being they are all burned out and all seem to have a liking to alcohol as well but they are share a undeniable friendship. Director Allan Harmon did a great job using the beautiful surroundings of Canada and it was very detailed to make it look as if they were in Afghanistan. The cast was very good including Michael Madsen who I have always been a fan of as well as the rest of the cast including Pete Antico and Aaron Au. The film is similar to other movies such as "The Bunker" with it's supernatural theme. The film seems to be a bit confusing in parts with things happening but no real reason given as to why but in the end it all comes together. I found this to be a very entertaining film with a good cast and a decent story mixed with a good pace that makes the fun to watch and it never once gets boring. If you enjoy this type of film involving war and the supernatural I recommend you pick this title up as it is more enjoyable than most film's out there today. Released by MTI Video. **** Out Of *****