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Night Junkies

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Horror Rated R. An underground plague haunts the dark alleys of London, and lovers Vincent (Giles Alderson) and Ruby (Katia Winter) have been sucked into its steely grip. They stalk the night searching for their latest fix -- the blood that sustains them for another day. Meanwhile, a psychotic serial killer shadows the tormented vampire junkies. This is a modern telling on the old vampire tale and it pays off in many ways. First the character's in this film are really developed ,you can relate to their problems as if it was an addiction to any drug and you really feel their pain. Secondly this has to be one the the sexiest vampire film's I have ever seen, Katia Winter is a beautiful woman that just oozes sex appeal in every scene she is in and Giles Alderson is awesome as Vincent, a vampire that just happens to meet Ruby in a cafe. Packed with atmosphere, gore and even some very funny black humor, Night Junkies takes a old and tired genre and breathes fresh life into it. When watching this it's hard to believe that this is Director/Writer Lawrence Pearce's first effort as this looks nothing less than a masterful job at film-making. I hear there's going to be a sequel and I sure hope that it happens cause this film really helped to get my faith back in the genre. I highly recommend this film to any fan that is looking for something new and original. Released by Allumnination FilmWorks. ***** Out Of *****