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Dead Clowns

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Horror Rated R. The residents of Port Emmett prepare for a hurricane that will churn up a 50-year-old secret, awakening an army of zombie clowns. Left to die after a circus train accident, the clowns rise from their muddy graves to get revenge. The guilty can run, but they can't hide from the truth or the undead. This low-budget horror film made down south is one die-hard zombie fans should really enjoy. Sure there's hardly any budget here but hell that's half the fun when watching this genre, it just wouldn't be right to have a zombie film with an enormous budget now would it? The acting is above average and the pace is pretty brisk once you get past the opening in which the film is setting up the story which involves a hurricane coming in and people getting ready but what they don't know is it will also raise the clowns from their graves deep under the dark waters. But what makes the fun the most fun is the clowns, this is the first zombie film I have seen that has the same make-up effects as those old Italian zombie film's, the director must of been watching those as well because they are very cool looking. One actor I was really impressed with was Eric Spudic who played the young man that was wheelchair bound and was trying to get away from the flesh eating clowns.I am surprised he has not had bigger roles yet. I recommend this film to any fan of the genre, Dead Clowns pulls no punches and gives you exactly what it promises, lots of good gory fun. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****