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Slaughter Night

Horror NR. Kristel Lodena (Victoria Koblenko) travels with four friends to a deserted coal mine in Belgium to pick up a manuscript her recently deceased father was working on. He was researching a case of a serial killer, Andries Martiens, who died in the mine shafts a century earlier as a 'Fireman', a person sentenced to death, but given a last redemption by working in the mines. After a guided tour in the mine shafts, the lift breaks down, and the group is trapped. Out of boredom and under the influence of XTC one of her friends suggests doing a sťance with the Ouija board of Kristel's father (which she apparently took with her for the guided tour in the mine shafts). A bad mistake, that naturally ensues in one big murderous nightmare. I was really looking forward to seeing this film and I was not disappointed, the beginning is abit slow as it sets up the basic story-line but after the group gets to the mine it turns into a roller coaster of terror with great atmosphere and the cinematography was top-notch. I also have to say the gore level is very high, once the killing starts it never stops till the heart-pounding end. I have read a few other reviews stating is was flawed but it is after-all a horror film and which other in it's genre isn't? The acting was very good and the score just added to the over-all atmosphere of being trapped in a mine with a deranged killer. I cannot recommend this enough for any fan of slasher film's, this was a bloody good time and one I hated to see end so own this today. Bonus features include:

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Dutch Audio with English and Spanish Subtitles Released by Tartan Video. ***** Out Of *****