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Invasion of The Pod People

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Sci-Fi NR. After a woman’s closest friends and co-workers undergo extreme personality changes, she begins to suspect that they have been replaced by malevolent alien invaders.Remember the reason we all love The Asylum Movies? It isn't for big production budgets, no it's always been about the balls they have to make gory film's and not a PG-13 horror movie. Recently tho there hasn't been much in the way of gore from them and Invasion continues that streak. Let me just say I miss the gore but not having it in some films is ok as well and Invasion works without it. This film works by preying on your fears, you paranoia...your not knowing if the person you see on the street is a real human or one of them. This movie has the suspense a lot of the bigger titles in it's genre lack and for that I have to give credit to Director Justin Jones and writer Leigh Scott for making this film work on atmosphere alone. The cast is very good, I don't thing any guy out there will disagree with me on The Asylum having some hot women, Erica Roby does a fantastic job in the film's lead role and the rest of the cast is right up there with her. My only regret is that Sarah Lieving did not have a bigger role in the movie, I just love this beautiful and talented woman. Time will time if this film is better than the Nicole Kidman movie opening soon but changes seem to be pretty high that it might be as matching this films suspense and nice twist at the end will not be easy. Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****