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The Decoy

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Western NR. After his in-laws are brutally murdered, Deputy John Cooper is ordered to escort the accused, his life-long mute friend, Martin Lowery, to be hanged. As they make the journey to the gallows, John struggles between his duty as a lawman and the desire to exact revenge on his best friend. Unknown to John, not only is Martin carrying a dark secret that holds many lives in the balance-they are being hunted by a band of ruthless killers who want to make sure the truth stays buried. There's a slow start to this movie but after that it picks up and makes for a very entertaining western with beautiful scenery. This is Director Justin Kreinbrink's first feature film and in spots you can tell that but again this is a low budget effort that needs to be addressed as one and not compared to other bigger budget film's. The cast did a great job and the locations made this feel like a good old fashion western from days gone by. There's everything here you will want in a western, romance,adventure and gun fire, this is one movie on a low budget that was made with a lot of heart. I look forward to future projects from this promising Director. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****