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Wages Of Sin

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Horror NR. A Supernatural Thriller that weaves a tale of darkness and suspense. The past will never stay hidden. Sue Walker receives a letter from a lawyer informing her that she has inherited a mysterious house in the countryside. She decides to take a weekend trip to the house with her boyfriend, Ron and friends from college. By entering the house, Sue unlocks the dark secrets of her forgotten past. Hold on for this terrifying ride into darkness and despair. This is a low-budget film with a cast of unknowns so from there I hope you can figure what what your going to get when renting this. In other words don't expect an award winning film here cause this film is never going to win any awards but it did hold my attention till the end. You have a young woman who inherits an old house and her friends and herself decide to go have a weekend of partying but after a seance they unleash a evil spirit. So yes this is not very original but not maybe big box-office film's are either today so you can't condemn this movie for that. I found it fairly entertaining, sure it could of been a lot better had they had more money and a little better script but over-all it's not the worse movie I ever seen and if your looking for something different to watch you might want to pick this up an decide for yourself, just don't expect a lot. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. ** 1/2 Out Of *****