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The Chambermaid

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Horror Rated R. Julia is a hard-working girl with two jobs and a boyfriend, Istvan, who is a rock musician and always in trouble. When cocaine dealers threaten to kill him over a debt, she tries to help him come up with the money. This starts an unfortunate chain of events at her daytime job at the hotel, and brings her and the hotel manager, O'Ryan, closer together, or so it seems. Then, in his unrequited love for Julia, O'Ryan goes a step too far, way too far, and from there, things get very ugly. MTI's label Redrum has always seem to find some real gems hidden that not many people have even heard of before and The Chambermaid is no exception. There's nothing here for those for a movie to watch, this is plain and simple a disgusting,perverse and and brutal film that pulls no punches and doesn't try to be something it isn't. The cast is wonderful and play their roles to perfection including the always excellent and beautiful Fiona Horsey. The film is highly original and contains some black humor to lighten the load a little in spots but over-all this is a film for fans of horror/thriller who want what's promised on the box-art. I not only highly recommend this movie but also I recommend you seek out the rest of the movies on the Redrum label. each one has it's on style and brings to the table something all fans will enjoy. Released by MTI Video. **** Out Of *****