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Shadow Puppets

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Horror NR. Eight strangers with no memories find themselves trapped in an abandoned facility. As they desperately try to find answers and escape, their own Shadows attempt to consume them from the darkness. Reading the first part above might make you say this is a rip-off of another film called "Unknown" but it's quite different once the story begins. This is one of those horror film's that you heard nothing about but once you watch you run and tell your friends to see it. There's great suspense from beginning to end and the story is original as a whole and Director/Writer Michael Winnick did a great job setting the pace to the film, there's never a time during the movie when it gets boring. The cast including Jolene Blalock and James Marsters are excellent and newcomer Mark Winnick really steals the scenes he's in. Like any other horror film, you cannot take this seriously, just sit back relax and prepare to be well entertained for an hour and a half. I enjoyed this little gem and I am sure given the chance you will too. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz Home Entertainment. The DVD contains the following bonus features:

The Making of Shadow Puppets

Director and Cast Comments

Audio Commentary with Director and Cinematographer

**** Out Of *****