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Horror/Comedy Rated R. Her daughter Florence gives Mrs. Deville bull-terrier Baxter as a surprise present. Although she's afraid of him, she doesn't want to give him away because she feels lonely. But Baxter has his own ideas - he longs to be dominated, to be challenged - and so he isn't content with his boring life with the old lady. To get rid of her, he causes an accident. It works, and he's given to the neighbors, a young couple. He's happy... for a while. When they get a baby, he again takes action. Baxter is a 1989 French film that is making it's U.S. debut to dvd via Lions Gate this week. This is another film that mainstream fan's might wanna avoid as it might be a little too outrageous for some. Think of anyone of the dozens made of the cute talking animals and toss in a perverted and morbid story and you got Baxter. But that's the fun of it all, the plot if super and even if it is a disturbing movie it really entertains. The cast was terrific and the story is never boring, filled with one disturbing scene after another with a dose of humor tossed in. I cannot say I can recommend this to anyone other than true movie lovers but I can say given the chance it is an original and highly enjoyable film. In French with English and Spanish Subtitles. Released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****